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What makes iRock different?

Experience – Knowledge – Results

That’s right. I have the……..


I have worked in corporate America since 1991 with 16 plus years leading others in various management roles. I have coached, performance counseled, hired, (unfortunately) fired, mentored, interviewed, written performance reviews, and led performance review discussions with leadership.

I have helped my direct reports, mentees (above and below my level), and others get promoted. I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk. I have hands-on experience, to help you reach your goals. I love helping people, just like you, create a career that rocks! Make sure you take a look at my testimonials throughout my website. And, go to my LinkedIn profile to find even more!


I have first-hand knowledge of what it will take to move the needle in your career. I have created successful career development strategies, résumés, LinkedIn profiles, and more, for all career levels. Early in my leadership career, I gained the reputation of having a strategic mind. I never saw myself as such, but have since owned it. I can take a complex situation and break it into easy actionable steps. I work backward to make the impossible possible. I have done it in my own career and have helped many others just like you.


This is the golden key. My work has yielded results down through the years – before iRock and now with iRock. I often get testimonials from my clients quite often. And, honestly, I have too many to post. I have put as many as I can throughout this site. You can see more on LinkedIn. If you want to go even further, check out my Instagram and iRock Résumés Facebook page. And, to tell the truth, that’s still not all.

All in all, I love getting results for my clients and would love to do the same for you. So forget about what you heard. Get with someone who has had a stellar career in a Fortune 50 company. Hence, I know a thing or two about career development and career management.

I’m skilled at creating forward-thinking strategies that resemble a professional career playbook. 

I have the gift of looking beyond what’s on the surface and pulling out those hidden gems in your treasure chest of talents, skills, and abilities to show you how to capitalize and maximize them.

I take your success personally, which is why I choose to create actionable steps tailored to your goals. This approach ensures a better chance at success. After all, it is all about you and your success!

Using the personalized strategies we create together, you will be able to break through your own glass ceiling as we work to:
  • Uncover who you are professionally on a much higher level
  • Know how to break through the imaginary glass ceiling (yes, I said imaginary)
  • Gain a clear understanding of your significant qualifications along with your achieved results
  • Create a clear goal for your dream career and the steps needed to make it happen
  • Know what types of activities you ought to engage in to elevate your career success
  • Know what industries fit you best, making your career search laser-focused

In essence, I take a holistic approach to your career aspirations. Even if you are just starting out, have a long career, or even desire to scale down for retirement, we can get it done.

And, to top it off, I’m not only good at it but it’s my passion and I get to share it with you!