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Sometimes, we have to just let things go.

2018 is going to be a great year because you are going to purpose it in your heart that it will be so.

But, before we can truly have a fantastic 2018, we simply must let go of things still holding us down from 2017. I’m not into resolutions. However, I am into goal setting. I set goals all year long. Not just on January 1st.

Granted. Starting a New Year is exciting. It screams “FRESH START!”. I get it. I totally get it. And, I’d be lying if I said I don’t get excited as well. I just have chosen not to set resolutions. But instead get solutions by setting and achieving goals.

The five things I will share with you are not earth-shattering. They are not rocket science. However, they do need to be said. Sometimes the simplicity of a statement can really jolt you. It’s sometimes more powerful to hear someone else say it, as opposed to it swirling around in your head. In this blog post, I’m not only going to write it. I am also attaching my video version of the same topic.

As we get started with 2018, I want you to let these 5 things go so you can walk into 2019 with your head held high.

  1. The “I would’ve if I only had…..” mentality. This mentality holds us back and stifles our growth. We don’t need a lot to get started with anything we want to do. What we need is the mentality to just “start”. Want to start a business but don’t have a lot of money? Start by taking the little money you have and beginning small. Also, think of bartering to get things you need for your business. Feel you need a degree to get to the next level in your career? Don’t let the 2-4 years scare you off. Guess what? Two to fours years is coming no matter what. Start with one course at a time. Before you know it (even if it’s 6-8 years from now) you will have the degree you desire to advance your career. Don’t wait. Get started now.
    • The takeaway: JUST START.
  2. Distractions that take you off course. We all have them. Social media. Video games – console or on the cell phone. Television. When we are distracted by these things, and others, we have less time to work on our goals. Don’t let over overindulgence in any of these steel the opportunity to achieve a goal away from you. I challenge you to keep a log for an entire day of how much time you spend in an area of distraction. Heck, try it for a week. You will be amazed at how much time is wasted. You deserve better.
    • The takeaway: Replace distractions with meaningful activities and see how much more you can accomplish in a year’s time.
  3. Comparing and contrasting yourself with others. Who cares what others are doing?!?! Just focus on yourself. The world needs your uniqueness, not another one of someone else. You are as good as anyone else. Comparing and contrasting yourself with others only sets you up for failure. Case in point. While at a conference this year, a speaker said that we all need to be concerned about our “competition”. Her reasoning, you ask? Potential clients are looking for us and choosing one over another. I said to myself, “who cares?!”. I know and understand I can not write all the résumés in the world. Nor, can I coach all the job seekers of tomorrow. There’s PLENTY TO GO AROUND. Just like there are churches on every corner. People are attracted to the one that speaks their soul. I am not everyone’s cup of tea. But, I am for others. My clients will and always find me. And, when they do, I take great care of them.
    • The takeaway: Be your unique self. The world needs you.
  4. Get rid of “nay-leaders” and get some “cheerleaders”. Yes. I made up a word. So what? Well, my word “nay-leader” is a stronger version of the word “nay-sayers”. The “nay-leader” is the leader of all the “nay-sayers” of the world. They are the epitome of negativity. They spew it out every chance they get. Get rid of them and do not carry them into 2018. This may mean people you have known for a long time. It may mean that “friend” who’s been with you since 8th grade. It may even mean a family member. Ooopsss….did I say that? Yup. I sure did. It’s the truth. Distance yourself quickly, and don’t look back. Next, figure out the people in your life that are your cheerleaders. Vow to spend more time with them. They will keep you lifted and motivated to achieve all that you care to. I’d much rather have that kind of energy in my life than the energy sucker of a nay-sayer.
    • The take away: Dump negative people I have termed “nay-leaders” and surround yourself with cheerleaders instead.
  5. What didn’t happen in 2017. Oh well. The “resolutions” or “goals” you set out to do in 2017 did not happen. But, I bet there were some things that did. Instead of regretting what did not happen in 2017. Take stock of what actually did happen in 2017 – big and small. When you take stock of the little and big wins for the past year, you will feel a sense of relief that all was not lost. Were there any relationships you gained? Were there any accomplishments at work you can make note of? Did you give up caffeine? Think through them and mind-dump them out. You will be amazed by what you actually accomplished in 2017.
    • The takeaway: count your blessings, big and small, do not be discouraged, God is over them all.

Well, that about wraps it up. I hope these tips helped you to feel more confident about 2018. If you have anything you are leaving behind in 2017, share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time………