Network. You have to leverage your network. (Click here for video version)

If you don’t know, I’m going to tell you now. Most people land jobs without ever answering a job post on job search boards. How? They have learned to tap the “hidden job market”. Per, the hidden market is how most people land the job of their dreams.

Research Says….

Jobvite’s 2019 Job Seeker Nation Survey says that even though most applicants apply for jobs on a job board or employer career site, they have uncovered other stats. They found that….

  • 35% found job postings on social media
  • 50% of respondents heard about jobs from friends, and
  • 37% say they also learn about jobs from professional networks.
Hence, today’s topic is so important.

What I want for you to do is to seriously reach out to your network and references to expose the hidden job market for yourself.

Here are 4 few tips to help you get started.
  1. Go through your list of contacts and sort them into three categories by A, B, & C. The A column are people who are most likely in the field you are interested. This is whether you worked with them in the past or you know they work in that area today. For column B, list contacts that work in an industry similar to the industry you are interested in. This group might know someone who is looking for your skillset. Column C are the ones that are a long shot, but worth the time to reach out to see if they know someone who may know someone.
  2. Schedule 15 minute virtual or in-person coffee chats. I say coffee chats because most people drink coffee or some sort of beverage typically in the morning. When looking to connect for your own benefit, I want you to be respectful of their time. More people are willing to give up 15 minutes than an hour because let’s face it, people are busy. And, hey, if they engage longer than 15 minutes, then it’s by their choice and not on you.
  3. Ask about opportunities they may know of. If they don’t know of any, ask how you can assist them in what they are doing to help keep your skills sharp. You can offer being a sounding board for business challenges that you are good at. The key is to show that you are interested in their well being and advancement as your own focus of securing your next dream job.
  4. Remember my session last week on having career documents beyond the obvious? This is what I want you to do. Provide your career highlights sheet and/or mini-resume to the person you are meeting with. If time permits, review the highlights with them. Read them out loud and get engagement in your skills. Don’t just give it to them as they may glance over it and put it away. They need to hear you speak about yourself in a passionate way. This shows you are proud of your accomplishments and can replicate the same for other opportunities. And guess what? You can call this a practice interview as well).
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