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That’s right. I have the……..


I’ve worked in corporate America since 1994. I’ve have the privilege of being in various leadership roles since 1999.
I understand and know what it’s like to coach, performance manage, hire, unfortunately fire, mentor, train, and interview, amongst other leadership duties. I helped my direct reports, mentees (above and below my level), and others get promoted with up to a 50% increase in their income. I don’t just talk the talk. I walk the walk.

In essence, I have hands-on experience to help you reach your goals. It’s not something I read about. It’s something I have lived.

I also have the training and keep up with the latest career trends. I am a certified career and interview prep coach, resume writer, interview prep, and LinkedIn profile writer.


I have first-hand knowledge of what it will take to move the needle in your career.

I created successful career strategies, résumés, LinkedIn profiles, and more, for all career levels. Hence, I know a thing or two about career development and career management.

Early in my leadership career, I gained the reputation of having a strategic mind. I never saw myself as such, but have since owned it.

I’m skilled at creating forwards-thinking strategies that resemble a professional career playbook. I can take a complex situation and break it into easy actionable steps.

I work backwards to make the impossible possible. I have done it in my own career and have helped many career professionals, just like you.


My work has yielded results down through the years – before iRock and now with iRock. I often get testimonials from my clients. And, to be honest, I have too many to post! I have some on this website. You can see more on my LinkedIn profile and my iRock Résumés Facebook page. And, to tell the truth, that’s not all.

All in all, I love getting results for my clients and would love to do the same for you. So forget about what you heard. Get with someone who has had a stellar career with a Fortune 36 company.

I have the gift of looking beyond what’s on the surface. I pull out hidden gems in your talent treasure chest and show you how to capitalize and maximize them.

I take your success personal which is why I create actionable steps tailored to your goals. This approach ensures a better chance at success. After all, it is all about you and your success!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest a professional resume writer? Can’t I just write it myself?

Yes, you sure can! But, the thing is, hiring managers only spend about 6 seconds scanning your resume. We in the career industry call it the “6-second test”. If your resume fails the 6-second test, that means it does not stand out. This means it should not only look nice (format) but it also has to read well and tell a good career story. It if does not, it will likely go into the “trash” pile and not the “call” pile.

Furthermore, choosing to write your own resume will take time and effort to do it right. And, if well-meaning friends and mentors tell you it’s “good” only to never get an interview, then it’s time for professional help. The above is what usually happens when you go it alone.

If making an investment right now is not feasible, consider one of iRock’s proven DIY methods. We offer classes, webinars, the Monday Morning Cure membership program, and free resources. Our free resources include downloads and Nickquolette’s Career Musings weekly Facebook Live show where I give free career tips.

As a Certified Professional Resume Writers, I train on and use the latest writing techniques. These techniques included in writing targeted, key-word, and results-based career branding documents. I write and approve all client documents to ensure the highest quality.

Furthermore, our career documents will land interviews within 30 days or sooner. We take your career history and turn it into your career story. This story positions you as the true professional you are.

How does the process work?

.Select the service(s) or package(s) you are interested in. You will be redirected to a quick questionnaire to give us an idea of your needs.

On the questionnaire, there will be a link to schedule a Discovery Call at your convenience. We will discuss the resume you submitted and/or the questionnaire you completed. We will also discuss which of our services is a best fit for your needs.

After the call, we will take payment to book your project and plot it on our schedule.  If you are unable to book at that time, we will send a proposal. Proposal rates are good for 14 days and are subject to change at any given time. 

Can I send scanned or hard copy(ies) of my resume?

No, but……

We prefer documents in Microsoft Word Format as it reduces the timeline for the project. Sending in Adobe PDF (non-scan PDF) format is ok as we along as it can convert to a Word document. 

If you have a non-convertible or hard copy, we ask that you type the info into a Microsoft Word or Pages (Apple) editable document. No need to format it as the content is all we are looking for. It does not have to be pretty as again, that’s what you pay us for. 

If you are unable to retype the non-convertible documents, we can do it for you. We charge a $50 administrative fee to retype the information. Please let us know during the Discovery Call phase. 

Will I get a rough draft before the project is complete?

Yes. You will receive rough drafts via a Google Drive link. The rough drafts are 90-95% complete due to our powerful consultation & strategy session. Please note, rough drafts are just that, rough drafts. They will not be 100% perfect documents at this phase. We work to perfect your documents before final delivery with the goal of 100% error-free.

You will have 72 hours (excluding Sundays) to review and submit edits of the rough drafts. If you need more time, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you. Just keep in mind, we set timelines to stay on track with other projects. 

If you do not return edits within three days, your project will be marked complete on the fourth day. At that time, you will receive the documents in the final formats,

Any edits after the fourth day, will require a fee of $50 per half-hour (30 minutes). Most edits can be completed within a half-hour. The rate will not be prorated.

How long will it take to receive my final documents?

Once edits of the rough drafts are complete, we deliver your final documents within 48 hours (excluding holidays and Sundays).

Do you offer refunds?

No, and here’s why.

We are a company of excellence and thus work to provide a high-level customer experience. Furthermore, we are unable to recoup our time or the intellectual property once it has been released.

If you are not 100% satisfied, we work with you until you are completely confident with your documents.*  Thus, we do not offer refunds. If an order is canceled within 48 hours of purchase, a 10% cancelation fee will be retained from the purchase price of your service(s). You can read our full terms and conditions here.

We love referrals. In fact, our company thrives on referrals and represents over 90% of our business. Hence, your complete satisfaction is our goal.

*Up to three rounds of revisions within a timely fashion. This offer is good during the project timeline and up to three days post final delivery.


Do you offer a guarantee?


90 DAY GUARANTEE – We pride ourselves on collecting detailed information from our clients to produce the best representation of who you are as a professional. Hence, we want you to be happy with your branding and marketing documents and/or LinkedIn profile. Our goal is to make each and every one of our clients excited and confident about their job landing campaigns.

Therefore, we guarantee that our career marketing documents and/or LinkedIn profile, within 90 days of finalization, will land interviews and elicit positive responses from recruiters and prospective employers.

If you do not land any interviews after appropriately distributing your career marketing documents for jobs that meet your qualifications, and for which the resume is targeted, we will rewrite your resume, free of charge, until you get results.

Do you protect my information?

COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY – We maintain the highest level of professionalism and keep client documentation strictly confidential. No information or files will be sold, distributed or shared with any party other than the client and appropriate members of iRock Development Solutions, LLC dba iRock Résumés

How can I update my resume in the future?

INFORMATION UPDATES – If you change your address, phone number or e-mail address, we will update your documents at no extra charge. If you wish to add a new job to your resume in the future, we will update your resume for a reduced fee.

Do I need to fill out a bunch of forms to complete my project?

No. We at iRock do not believe in having our clients fill out a bunch of forms. If we were to have you do that, there’s no need to pay us. 

Instead, we conduct a detailed consultation to gather the information needed for your project.

In fact, we service clients running away from providers asking them to complete lengthy forms. We take those clients with open arms because “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”.

What do you need to complete my project?

For career-related written documents, we request the following items. 

  • Old Resume
  • Old Cover Letter, if available
  • Past job description(s)
  • Current job description(s)
  • Job Performance Reviews, past and current
  • Two dream job descriptions. Ok to send live links from job boards

If you do not have all the items, it will not hinder your project. We can gather information in other ways. Just let us know at the time of booking your project.

How long does the process take?

Once we receive all the information you want us to consider for your project, we know to get started. This is when the timeline begins. 

The rough drafts can take between 14-30 business days depending on the package you choose. Resume & cover letter the only package can take 7-14 business days. This timeline includes the consultation and strategy session. 

This timeline excludes the iElevate package which is a 45-day program. 

In what format will I receive my documents?

All documents are sent via e-mail as a Word file. Upon your final approval, you will receive three versions of your resume. 1) Microsoft Word (.doc), 2) Adobe PDF, and 3) ATS/ASCII plain text (.txt). 

The Microsoft word version is your Master Copy. This is the copy you will use to edit and change as you need. Just make sure to save the edited version as a PDF and plain.txt.

Will my resume pass the ATS/ASCII and database system?


Let’s first define what that means. ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) format is a .txt file that contains no fancy formatting.  I nicknamed it the ugly resume as it has no bells and whistles. This format is readable by the majority of company databases.

Many systems are now savvy enough to read Microsoft and Adobe PDF. We provide to our clients with these formats as well. We provide three versions of your resume – Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and plain.txt. And, we provide the cover letter in Microsoft Word and plan.txt.

If I misplace the electronic version of my new resume, how can I get another copy?

Well, you’re in luck! We keep permanent copies of your career marketing documents. Should you lose, misplace, or damage your document files, contact us for an email replacement, free of charge.

What if I am unsure of the industry or type of position I am looking for?

That’s where coaching needs to happen. We offer the iElevate program that combines coaching and career document development. We also offer standalone coaching packages. These packages help identify your career focus using your skills, talents, and abilities.

I want to create a ‘general’ resume so I can keep my options. Can you do this?

Yes, but…..

One of the mistakes job seekers make is creating a “jack-of-all-trades” resume. Employers look for specified skills when recruiting. Thus, it is important to keep each resume focused on a specific industry. This does not limit you. It in fact, increases your chance of landing an interview with the employer. Landing an interview that can lead to a job is the goal of a resume.

We offer 2nd and 3rd targeted resume versions for an extra charge. Notify us at the beginning of your project if this is your desire.  

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