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The 120-character headline is THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE on your LI profile.

Face it. Your job title is not your brand. In today’s job market, the best jobs search for people. Not the other way around.

When recruiters search for talent, the new LI interface shows:

  • your picture
  • your headline
  • the first two lines of your summary
  • your activity

All need to be impactful!

For now, let’s focus on your 120-character headline. This is where you can truly beat out the competition. Why? Because, virtually every novice LI user, puts their job title in that space. Most employers care little about your job title. It says nothing about who you are and what you can offer.

Furthermore, the employer must see your brand by way of showcasing what you can do for them. They need to see the value in dollars you can bring to them. And, not how you can get dollars from them.

Having helped career professionals land the job of their dreams with a great salary, I know firsthand how challenging it can be when writing a concise 120-character brand statement. Yet, I have done it and the payoff for my clients have been huge!

While I can’t tell it all in a simple post. I want to at least convey the importance of those 120 characters.

If you’re interested in standing out from your competition, let’s chat. Book your Discovery Call or send an email to irock@irockresumes.com.

Let’s outsmart the competition before they even know it is happening.