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You + Me



Career Quote: Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it. – Katharine Whitehorn

I wholeheartedly believe this career quote. We spend a large part of our day working. Why not enjoy what we do? Imagine your dream job. What does it look like? What’s in your office? What’s the environment and culture like? Are there opportunities for advancement? Are you looking forward to waking up or are you hitting snooze? If you can visualize your dream job, I’m a firm believer that with the right techniques, strategies, and accountability in place, your dream job can become a reality.

My goal is to assess where you are today in relation to obtaining your dream job and put actionable steps into place to get you there.

Many people make the mistake of taking the first job that comes their way. I want to make sure you don’t make this same mistake. Done right, you can actually have employers seek you out instead of the other way around. Isn’t having job opportunities presented to you the best position to be in? You deserve a career you love. Together, we can map out a strategy to get you there. Ready? Let’s get started!

90-Day Program


Master the Job Hunt to Land Your Dream Job!

Coaching – Three 60-minute sessions 
  1. Mindset – What do you want in a career? – We will identify career paths that best fit your life and skillset. We will create a laser-focused strategy to land your dream job. No more wasting time by applying for jobs blindly.
  2. Effective Job Landing Techniques – We will polish up your networking skills, both online and in person. This will include tools and techniques to elevate you above the competition.
  3. Negotiate Your Salary Like a Pro – This session will teach you the art of negotiating a salary you are happy with.
Tell Your Career Story Like a Pro
  • We will work on creating a résumé, cover letter, thank you letter, and LinkedIn profile that will tell your unique career story differentiating you from the competition. 
Master the Interview 
  • You will learn how to master the interview using my infamous iRockS.T.A.R. Method. This method gets you closer to hearing the words “You’re HIRED!”.
  • Session includes a 90-Day Plan to take to the interview to “WOW!” the interviewers during the interview (limited to one specific job)
iRock Master Résumé Distribution Service
  • We will send your cover letter and résumé to a weekly updated database of over 20,500 recruiters and/or 5500 venture capital/private contacts nationwide! Your submission will be tailored to your desired industry, employment category, and salary range.

Bonus – Autographed copies of my two books

  • You’re HIRED! – 10 Tips to Rock Out Your Résumé and Land an Interview” 
  • “You’re HIRED! – 10 Tips to Rock Out Your Interview and Land Your Dream Job”

No work performed on Sundays or nationally recognized holidays 

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Work With Me 1:1

Career Blueprint Strategy Session – $397

  • 1 hour of coaching (can be broken in 2/30 minute sessions – please notify me in advance)
  • 90 Day Career Strategy & Development Plan 
  • 30 days unlimited text and email support 

One Hour Coaching Sessions – $247

  • 1 Topic to be determined during Discover Call Session 
Nickquolette Barrett - Career Coaching Program
Nickquolette Barrett - Career Coaching Program

Topics on how to: 

  • step into a new role with confidence, focus, and intentionality.
  • prioritize your goals and career choices
  • develop greater social/emotional intelligence and self-management skills.
  • build supportive and aligned relationships with peers, colleagues, supervisors, and mentors.
  • determine if a new career path is “right” for you.
  • uncover gaps you may have with experience, training or education.
  • identify and leverage advancement opportunities.
  • lead informally and formally.
  • handle conflict on the job.
  • and much, much more!

Coaching Programs

Are you feeling stuck in your career? Are you unsure about which direction to take? Do you feel burnt out with nothing left to give your friends and loved ones? Do you have the feeling that there must be more out there for you?

You want a robust career strategy. But, just don’t know what it is you really need or want. Well, that’s where I come in. I will take your interest, goals, and dreams and help you map out a strategy to get where you want to go.

The reality is, everyone has different career goals and aspirations. And, with that, everyone’s strategy will be different. The goal of career coaching is to customize a strategy for your unique challenges and goals.

Each program offers:

  • Two (2) 60-minute sessions per month via Zoom scheduled at your convenience
  • Sessions are recorded and delivered for your review at any time
  • Phone, text, and email support in addition to the scheduled sessions
  • Exercises to support the advancement of the needed areas uncovered during the session(s)

Click here to schedule a Discovery Call to discuss your needs today!

Can’t pay all at once? Check out PayPal’s no payment and no interest option if paid in full in 6 months. Many clients use this option. Try it today!

Group Coaching

Is Group Coaching for You?

Group coaching creates a safe space to uncover what you really want by listening to others share their own stories and struggles. Sometimes, it’s a challenge putting your finger on it all by yourself. Hearing your peers speak and share can help uncover the “ah-ha” moments you need to tune back into your inner voice.

Get the support you need to choose your own direction, with purpose and conviction. By working together with a small group, you will gain the clarity and self-awareness needed to develop effective strategies and take deliberate steps toward a fulfilling career.

Each group coaching program is customized based on the common goals of the group. Each participant will be given a questionnaire to complete. Based on the commonalities, a final agenda will be created and forwarded to each participant within the group.

Groups meet bi-monthly for 6 months. 

Click the image to make a non-refundable $50 deposit to hold your spot for the June 2019 session.
First session to begin Thursday, June 6th at 7:00 pm CST. 
Group maximum 10.

Nickquolette Barrett - Career Group Coaching Program
Nickquolette Barrett - Career Group Coaching Program
Nickquolette Barrett - Career Group Coaching Program