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About Me Page

Do away with boring about me pages that ONLY list your education, certifications, and achievements.

An About Me page should convey who you are and what you’re doing, how you got there, and where you’re looking to go next. Don’t leave your brand unfinished with a lack of personality. Your about page is one of the most visited pages on your website. Admit it? Isn’t that the first page you visit after the home page? Of course it is! Your potential customers will too.

Why are we fascinated with About Me pages? Well, it’s a way for us to connect with the business owner to determine if we want to do business with them.

The person behind the business is what people want to know. If prospective customers decide you’re right for them just from reading your About Me page, you have yourself a conversion. There’s nothing better than your website converting with a well written About Me page.

In essence, your about page copy is by far the most important sales copy you’ll ever write. So, let us write it for you!

Let’s work together to create an About Me Page that shows who you are as a person so they can feel the human side of your business.

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One Sheet / Media Kit

If you are a speaker, author, or public figure, you need a speaker one sheet and / or media kit. It does not matter if you are a new or seasoned, having a professionally written and designed speaker one sheet and / or media kit makes it easy for potential event planners to book you. The one who makes the process the easiest, wins the most bookings. And, those bookings mean cha-ching, cha-ching! 

In essence, the point of a media kit / one sheet is to catch the eye of an organization to want to invite you to speak. It can also appeal to journalist looking to write an article or conduct an interview based on a topic they are focusing on. 

No more having to send emails back and forth and trying to locate all the information to fulfill a speaker inquiry. Add an eye catchy document  media kit or speaker one sheet to your website for easy access or have it easily available to send at a moments notice. Make it easy for the requester. Having a media kit or speaker one page is a one-stop shop for all of the information the requester will need

Just know, whenever you are invited to speak in front of a group or conduct an interview, that’s your chance to promote your as a speaker, your products and / or services by sharing your knowledge. Take a look at mine. 

Now that you’ve seen mine, are you ready to have your own? Well, let’s get started! Click the button below. 

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Business Plan

Are you a start-up and looking for help in writing a business plan? Look no further! iRock can help.

With so many people walking away from corporate America, getting laid off with large severance payments, and / or just opting not to go out the tradition job route it’s no surprise that people are turning to entrepreneurism.

In fact, in an article written March 2019 by Small Biz Trends lists the top eight reasons people step out to be their own boss.

If this is you, you need a business plan. But, don’t fret. iRock can help. We consult on what your business needs are and determine if you need a traditional or lean start-up plan. 

While, we do not develop your business for you, we sure can write, edit, structure, and design your plan so that it represents the true CEO that you are (or aspire to be)! 

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Slide Deck Creation

Have a presentation coming up? Struggling with creating a slide deck that’s both informative and impressive? Then you are in the right place!

This service is for workshop / seminar leaders, speakers, corporate presentations, meetings, etc. 

iRock can design and create a visually appealing PowerPoint / Keynote / or Prezi presentation from scratch or update a current presentation.

Need the content written and / or edited for you? We can do that too.

Let’s chat about your vision and let iRock handle the rest. 

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Business Pitch Deck

When looking to raise capital for your new venture, you need a business pitch deck.

A business pitch deck is a brief presentation that provides an overview of your business plan. The presentation has to be on point. It also needs to ask for funds without asking for funds. I know, sounds sort of backwards but that’s the beauty of having a well written and designed pitch deck. 

When there’s a lot of money at stake, you need to wow your audience. Your presentation should not only cover key points but also catch the eye with an engaging design. Having a combination of both is what makes a business pitch deck effective.

If you need a business pitch deck to present to during face-to-face or online meetings with potential investors, customers, partners, and co-founders, look no further. iRock can help!

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Professional Bio

A professional biography is a summary of who are you as a professional. It’s a way of presenting yourself in the best possible and most interesting light. It can be engaging or direct and to the point. It is tailored to who you are as a person or tailored to the needs of an organization. 

If you are a business owner, speaker, and/or author, you need a professional bio. In fact, you need three – short, medium, and long. Having all three at your disposal will help you submit at a moments notice when needed.

If you struggle with writing about yourself, let iRock do the writing for you. We would be happy to toot your horn in the most eloquent and professional way. 

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