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“You’re HIRED!” Books – Volume 1 & 2

In these books, I share my vast experience (with a little humor) of how to rock out your résumé and interview with confidence.

I provide proven tips, techniques, and strategies, that if used consistently, will yield great success.

I have also included examples to help you write a better résumé and score big in an interview.

I use real-life experiences – my own and those of my awesome clients – to help tell a compelling story on how important it is to get it right the first time. Don’t wast any time, purchase these books now to help you get your job search off to a great start.

In these books, you will learn:

  • How to choose the right résumé format
  • The answer to the age-old résumé question – 1 or 2 pages?
  • What makes an awesome résumé that land interviews
  • Why cover letters are important to include with a résumé
  • Types of interviews and how to make the most of each type
  • What to wear and what NOT to wear to an interview and why
  • Ways to rock out an interview and have them calling to say “You’re Hired!”
  • Why sending a thank you letter can give you an edge up on the competition

And much, much, more!

Ready to stop wasting time and get REAL RESULTS NOW? Order your copies today!

Other Books I Highly Recommend

Nickquolette Barrett ~ Co-Author of Behind Her Brand

Behind Her Brand: Entrepreneur Edition Vol 5 takes you on the journey of real-life lessons, obstacles, think tank processes, disappointments, and the victories of 12 successful female entrepreneurs who turned their brand into catalysts for their business successes.

You will learn power moves on how to take your brand from zero to shero.

Be prepared to be swept off your feet with their stories.

Nickquolette Barrett ~ Co-Author of The Success Chronicles

Each of these authors share their obstacles, victories, and offer invaluable information that can help you grow, challenge yourself and look at your business in a new light.

I encourage you to learn from their stories and the lessons they have learned along the way to becoming successful entrepreneurs and professionals.

Nickquolette Barrett ~ Co-Author of We Walk By Faith - Vol. 1

Through the stories of these professional women of faith in the marketplace, We Walk By Faith and Not by Sight Volume 1 will inspire and encourage you to be confident in who you are in the workplace as you face the challenges and pressures of everyday life.

The women will motivate you and give you practical tips and insight on how to integrate biblical and spiritual principles into your work environment with grace and truth.

A practical and useful resource, full of real-life experiences, thought-provoking questions, and helpful tools that will empower and inspire you on your way to discovering all that God has purposed for your life.