Welcome back to Part 2!

I hope Part 1 was helpful. If you have not read it, here’s the link.

Thinking about how you want to become successful takes a little self-inflection. Begin with understanding the little things that can eat away at your professional character. So, this series is a way for your to step back and reassess.

Now, I want to take you a little further on this journey. Let’s talk about the next four of the 12 things your boss notices about you.

5. How you dress

Yes. I know. I know. We are in a world of business casual. But, if you want to be a professional and recognized as such, error more on the side of business than casual. Being too casual can work against you. T-shirts everyday. Jeans everyday. Baseball cap everyday. Sneakers everyday. I mean, really? Every once in a while is ok. But daily, is not ok. Leave casual for Fridays and even then kick it up a notch. When your boss needs someone to go before a group to present, you may have the knowledge. But, your boss may not trust how you would present yourself. Even, if you dressed up for the opportunity, it would be clear this is not your typical dress. Know how? Because you will appear uncomfortable. Not a good look. Remember, you are not only representing yourself. You are representing your boss as well.

Think about it. Your mouth says you want to go further but the way you dress, every day, says otherwise. Reassess your work dress and kick it up a notch. Consider hiring a stylist. It’ll be one of the best investments you can do for your professional success.

6. How you interact with others

Relationship building is one of the key components to success. If you are careless of how you interact with those on your team, how can your boss trust how you interact with others? Case in point. Don’t get too comfortable with your co-workers where you feel you can ask and say anything to them. Yes, we become close because we spend a big part of our day together at work. But, we are co-workers first. Work friends and family a distant second. The workplace is just that. The workplace. Treat everyone with respect.

Think about it. If you find yourself rubbing others the wrong way too often by how you interact with them, take a time out. Start again and go into those relationships a different way – with professionalism.

7. How you manage your time

Are you always at the office late while your peers go home? Do you take work home? Is it the workload or is it because you have not sat down to strategize how you will attack your workload? Or have you not put in a full day of work? Instead of working 8 hours as paid, you only work 5.5? While I will not downplay the fact that employers are asking for more with less. What I have found is that many people are wasting time and not producing results. This leads to working longer hours and employee burnout.

Think about it. If you struggle with time management, there are tons of resources to assist you. Take a time management course on Lynda.com or other websites.

8. How well you follow instructions / directions

This can be an irritant for your boss. If your boss gives instructions, and you do not follow them, it’s a problem. The same goes for not meeting expectations. This, unfortunately, hinders the work progress and results of your boss, the team, and you. If you want to be successful, follow the instructions and expectations set before you. When you do, you will excel in your role. And when you excel in your role, your boss excels, her boss excels, and so on. When this occurs and you are part of the reason why you will reap the rewards – financial and opportunity.

Think about it. Meeting and exceeding expectations by following instructions is not hard to do. Just make up your mind to do it. Success is waiting!

Well, these are my four additional tips that will help you identify areas you need to improve in for success. These may or may not apply to you. That’s ok. These articles are more for your awareness as you work to climb the ladder of success.

Stay tuned for my next post as I lay out the final four things your boss notices about you in this three-part series.

To your success,

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